10 September 2006


I can't believe how I've managed to once again invert my sleep schedule. During the summer it worked thusly:
Thursday night: work at 11 PM
Friday: sleep from 9 AM-5 PM; work at 11 PM
Saturday: sleep from 9 AM-5 PM; work at 11 PM
Sunday: Stay up for ask long as possible during daylight hours (usually a two hour nap before dinner)
Monday-Wednesday: Sleep from 1 AM to 10 AM

The theory then was that a "No Sleep Sunday" would knock me back into a nocturnal sleep cycle - which it did for the most part. Unfortunately more than 3 months of doing this severely affected my ability to be productive during the week. As soon as I would feel normal it would be back to working my three overnight shifts.

Currently I have more time to play around with now that I'm not constantly torturing myself and this is the current plan:

Weekdays: Go to bed at 11-12, wake up at between 7-8
Weekends: Sleep from 10 PM-4 AM; work 4 AM-10 AM

The new plan is cutting closer to 7 hours a night for sleep, but accommodating for occasional (but not long) naps. It also counts on the strange "Sleep when tired" theory.

It is just crazy enough to work.

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